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Thanks for joining me on my writing/blog journey! I’m a wife and mother sharing my life and motherhood experiences. 
Why have I started blogging? Well let me tell you a story. When I had my little girl, it opened up a world of new emotions, thoughts and feelings that I hadn’t been prepared for. There wasn’t the same support around as there is today with Mums social media support groups, pages etc and it felt like every other Mum I met or knew on the outside was absolutely excelling at being a mum. They never seemed out of control or ever had a bad day. They seemed so natural and like everything went perfectly and fell into place and I just felt the complete opposite. I wanted some reassurance there were other parents who struggled sometimes, who felt the strain, the exhaustion, who had ups and downs and that is wasn’t just me. Sometimes you do feel alone as a parent even though you may have been surrounded by supportive loving partners, family and friends but as a mother, there is a weird feeling of being alone, being vulnerable, sometimes feelings of doubt and failure. I started writing everything down. My thoughts, feelings and things throughout my day. I’ve always suffered with depression and anxiety, I’ve also had my fair share of difficulties, tough times and mountains to overcome which I will talk openly and honestly about but over the years have worked very hard on myself and my mindset to get myself where I am today. As social media grows and grows and more and more Mums speak out and groups of support appear, I wanted to be a part of that, to be a part of empowering women, parents, mothers, also people who have depression and anxiety. I want to support and just offer some  comfort to know that we’re in it together. To try and reach out to others to offer my own real life experiences, not fabricated or sugar coated, to tell it how it is, in the hope that it helps others going through the same. In times of darkness, doubts and dismay, my writing has really helped me, if nothing more than just to get it down in words how I feel and what’s happening because let’s face it, sometimes, you just can’t find the words to say out loud. I hope people reading my blogs can find some comfort and support. I’m not qualified or trained, I’m simply giving my experience and opinions, think of me as friend, just giving my version of events. 

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Motivational Mummy

I'm Dannii, I'm a full time working mum to my daughter Mia, wife to Gary and we live in Bucks with our little sausage dog Ralph. I'm on a mission to use my passion for writing to reach out, help and support other mums, women and anyone in generally really, who reads my blogs and can get something valuable from it. My life and motherhood experiences in their real, open and honest form. This is me, the good, the bad, but more importantly keeping it real and from the heart.

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