“A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilful Sailor”

Life can throw all sorts of storms and rough times at us. We all have ups, downs, struggles & strains. Some worse than others. We are tested to the limit and at times feel like the bad out-ways the good, often wondering if and when it will ever end. When we are hit with an almighty bolt out of the blue, a trauma or tragedy, or when we are constantly knocked down over and over again. Our strength fades and we are at our weakest. Not knowing if we have any strength left to get back up. For some it’s a feeling like all we do is fail or that our best isn’t good enough. Sometimes we feel we are a burden to everyone around us. We feel inferior, unworthy or undeserving. That everyday is a struggle and an uphill climb. But it’s how and who we can over come these times with. Having support and love is so important. There’s nothing worse than feeling alone. I just wanted to say to anyone else who finds themselves in the dark, that eventually, somehow everything will be ok. The pain, the heartache, the torment will subside, it may never truly leave you but will get easier in time. The bad days are only temporary. You’re not alone. It’s ok not to be ok. It’s ok to crumble and break. It’s ok to feel weak. Especially for the people in my life who are experiencing whatever kind of struggle, please know that I’m here, even just someone to be silent with and know that I’m here for each of you night or day. You know who you are. Sending all my love and thoughts to you all who are struggling. I hope reading my blogs can give some of you a sense of comfort.


Published by

Motivational Mummy

I'm Dannii, I'm a full time working mum to my daughter Mia, wife to Gary and we live in Bucks with our little sausage dog Ralph. I'm on a mission to use my passion for writing to reach out, help and support other mums, women and anyone in generally really, who reads my blogs and can get something valuable from it. My life and motherhood experiences in their real, open and honest form. This is me, the good, the bad, but more importantly keeping it real and from the heart.

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